Everything under one roof
Atelier Dédale's innovative design build services cover all aspects of an architectural project, from initial conception and design through to delivery of the finished construction. Along with exceptional designs and high-end fabrication, this one-stop approach offers clients simplicity, efficient coordination and lower administration costs. Our innovative materials and methods also increase quality and efficiency while lowering costs.

From start to finish

  • Design of building additions and interior spaces (mezzanines, added rooms, floors, etc.) 
  • Provision of all required drawings (design, construction, engineering, presentation)
  • Handling of permitting process
  • Prefabrication of building elements (structural panels, stairs, cabinetry and other built-ins)
  • On-site work and installation of prefabricated elements
  • Superior finishing


Customized prefabrication
Our approach combines prefabrication with customization and minimizes on-site construction, which is often disrupted by inclement weather. We use energy-efficient building panels and modular construction techniques, which means that portions of a project are fabricated and assembled off-site  and then installed on-site, usually with the help of a crane. The advantages of this approach include increased speed and construction quality, a controlled work environment using industrial equipment, fewer weather-related disruptions, and optimal use of materials (less waste).
Structural Insulated Panels     
We make use of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), pre-manufactured adaptable building panels that reduce construction time (by 30-34%), are more energy efficient (40-48%), are stronger (20-30%) and produce less jobsite waste than standard wood-frame construction. These panels can be adapted and pre-assembled in shop, then quickly installed to form fully finished structural walls. SIPs consist of a core of insulating material (usually rigid polyurethane foam or expanded polystyrene) sandwiched between a structurally rigid sheet (usually OSB).